1. Browse OptionIt.com, find, and then buy your favorite team’s listed option on a ticket to a specific game.
  2. Own the right to purchase a ticket to a specific game throughout the season.
  3. If your team makes it to the specific game your option is for, and you want to go, choose to exercise your option on OptionIt.com.
  4. Receive a special code from OptionIt.com that gives you access to purchase one face-value ticket from the league’s ticket provider.
  5. Buy the face-value ticket from the league’s ticket provider via the link OptionIt provides, and enter the special code where required.
  6. Receive the tickets you purchased, enjoy the game, and be the hero among your friends for getting everyone seats!

When you purchase your first option, we create an account for you automatically. You will need to create a secure password. We will use the information you enter at check-out (email, SMS) to keep you informed of when you can exercise your purchase option into your real ticket.

When it is time to exercise, OptionIt will forward you to our official partner’s ticket provider, and you will be directed to a reserved ticket offering specific for your option. Note that many teams’ ticket providers have standard additional fees in order to securely facilitate the transaction.

When you are ready to get your ticket, simply login using the link and account information from your OptionIt confirmation email to complete your transaction and purchase your tickets.

No. The price of the option is separate from the ticket, but our customers typically save money overall and enjoy the additional flexibility provided by having additional time to decide plans, as well as gaining the piece of mind knowing they have the right to purchase tickets.

OptionIt leverages proprietary option pricing technology that incorporates real-time statistical information about team and league performance, plus aftermarket pricing. As teams play games, modify player lineups, or other changes are made, prices fluctuate to reflect the statistical value of the option. The price at the time of your purchase reflects the most recent information we have available in that moment. Your option price is fixed the moment your purchase completes. Price changes (up or down) after purchase will have no affect on your transaction.

Your option expires based on when leagues announce games. When expiration is nearing, we can send you multiple emails & SMS alerts informing you of expiration dates. Typically, expiration happens the day before general sale occurs for the event. If your option expires, you no longer have the right to a ticket.

No. You are buying an option, which gives you the right to purchase the ticket at face value.

If your team does not play the game, or the game never happens, you will not receive a refund for the price of your option, but there is no obligation to buy a ticket.

We currently limit the household number of options purchased to 6. If you are interested in buying a larger block, please contact us!

If you purchased multiple options for the same game within a single transaction, then your seats will be together. You can contact us and ask to try to put separate options transactions near each other and we will do our best to accommodate.

You first pay the price of the option to OptionIt. Then, if you choose to exercise your option, you additionally pay the face-value price of the ticket through the league’s official ticket vendor. Note that the cost of the ticket may include standard ticket service fees added by the official ticket vendor.

It is ultimately your responsibility to be aware that your team has qualified for the specific game. However, if you keep your contact information up-to-date, we can inform you by both email and SMS when your options are able to be exercised (standard messaging rates apply).

Unfortunately not. Once you have purchased the option, it is yours.

Yes, from your account page, you can assign different options you have purchased to your friend’s email address. We will email them when it is time to exercise their particular option, and they can finish the transaction.