The fan experience

Use OptionIt to lock in seats at all your favorite team’s post-season games.


Not a season ticket holder? Don’t want to pay after-market ticket prices? OptionIt is a new way for fans to instantly lock-in the right to the face-value ticket for a reasonable reservation fee. Once the option is yours, your guaranteed ticket will only ever cost you face-value.

Guaranteed Prices


When you have an option from OptionIt, you have the right to a great seat at your team’s most exciting games. OptionIt never oversells seats and thanks to official partnerships, we can promise you the ticket price at face-value!

Guaranteed Seats


Plans change, but you can call an audible. You can transfer to a friend for free! Too last minute? You don’t have to go. You can simply let the option expire without any further obligation. It is your option, do with it what you please! Just another benefit of Reserve Now… Decide Later.

Sell & Transfer

How it works

As the leading provider of access to the most in demand major league sports match ups, OptionIt is proud to offer fans guaranteed, face value access to all of their favorite team’s post season games. With OptionIt’s platform, fans can get seats to the games of their choice without the hassle of waiting in line or paying large marked up reseller prices.

OptionIt, through its official partnerships, is offering fans access to tickets without obligation to the most in demand post-season games. For sports fans, this means that for an up-front fee, you can reserve access to a guaranteed ticket for any post season games, months before they go on sale. Fans can remove both the guess work and the last minute scrambling by locking in access and price through the purchase of an option.