OptionIt for partners

Use OptionIt to delight fans and optimize event revenues.


Partners can offer consumers relatively low-cost options, conveying the right to make future purchases at pre-determined prices. These are new incremental revenue streams generated from the sale of options, plus partners retain the full value of transactions once options are exercised.

Guaranteed Prices


Holding an option on contingent events is a fun in-season benefit to fans; when their team does well, the likelihood of sitting in their guaranteed seat in a post-season game can increase.

Guaranteed Seats


The OptionIt team includes seasoned veterans of option trading and fintech innovators alike. Coupled with OptionIt’s portfolio of patented intellectual property providing for electronic options on sporting tickets and other consumer goods and services, OptionIt’s turnkey solution for partners is entirely unmatched.

Sell & Transfer

How it works

As the leading provider of access to the most in demand major league sports match ups, OptionIt is proud to offer fans guaranteed, face value access to all of their favorite team’s post season games. With OptionIt’s platform, fans can ensure their seats to the games of their choice without the hassle of waiting in line or paying large marked up reseller prices.

OptionIt, through its official partnerships, is proud to offer fans access to tickets without obligation to the most in demand post-season games. For sports fans, this means that for an up-front fee, you can reserve access to a guaranteed ticket for any post season games, months before they go on sale. Through its official partnerships, fans can remove both the guess work and the last minute scrambling by locking in access and price through the purchase of a an option.